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42ND Street


November 24 – December 10, 2022
Limelight Theatre, Wanneroo

The multi award winning musical 42nd Street makes a triumphant return to Perth with a brand new production at the Limelight Theatre.  Directed and choreographed by original Australian production cast member Drew Anthony, this classic ‘backstage musical’ features one of the best musical theatre scores of all time with songs including ‘42nd Street’, ‘We’re in the Money’ and ‘Lullaby of Broadway’.

42nd Street tells the Depression-era story of young Peggy Sawyer who unexpectedly joins the cast of Broadway’s newest show Pretty Lady only to find herself replacing the leading lady who breaks her ankle during rehearsals.  Desperate for the show to be a success Pretty Lady’s Director utters the iconic line ‘You’re going out there a youngster, but you’ve gotta come back a star!!’, and that’s just what she does. 

Limelight Theatre along with Director and Choreographer Drew Anthony invite you to ‘come and meet those dancing feet, on the avenue I’m taking you to - 42nd Street”.  Performances in November/December 2022.

47th Annual Robert Finley Awards

The Mary Webb Award - Best Director (Musical)
Drew Anthony, 42nd Street, Wanneroo Repertory

Best Choreographer
Drew Anthony, 42nd Street, Wanneroo Repertory

Best Supporting Actress (Musical)
Natasha Cove, Anytime Annie, 42nd Street, Wanneroo Repertory




Director Drew Anthony
Choreographer Drew Anthony
Musical Director Maddison Moulin
Dance Captain Alysha Cheetham-Taylor
Costume Design Katie Williams
Stage Manager Shelley McGinn
Scenic Build Dave Browning, Roger Oates & Richard Tudge
Scenic Artst Ursula Kotara
Scenic Assistant Tina Harper
Lighting Design Ashlee Torrens
Lighting Assistants Peter Giles & Vince Haines
Audio Design Paul King & Reynold Bauer
Props Manager Lorraine Jones
Props Build Vince Haines
Wardrobe Assistant Julie Clark
Backstage Crew Lorraine Jones & Julie Clark
Bookings & Marketing Patrick McGinn
Programme Design Chick & Egg Australia
Programme Printing Minuteman Press Wanneroo
Front of House Wanneroo Repertory Members



Julian Marsh David Wallace
Dorothy Brock Rachel Monamy
Peggy Sawyer Aleisha Archer
Billy Lawlor Kyan Mathews
Maggie Jones Sarah McCabe
Bert Barry Alex Graciano
Andy Lee Jamie Rolton
Abner Dillon Ron Arthurs
Pat Denning Adam Perryman
Mac/Doc/Thug Christopher Tierney
Anytime Annie Natasha Cove
Phyllis Alysha Cheetham-Taylor
Lorraine Retha Agenbach
Tosca Jenaea Barrett



Jenaea Barrett, Daniele Battista, Taleisa Kuipers,

Zak Rolton, Alyssa Slater, Chloe Smith, Caleb Stevens, Melissa Stevens, Alicia Taylor & Phoebe Tempra

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